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Adobe DNG Profile Editor

Colour profiling is a science! Photography is an art form! Colour profiling for photography is therefore very subjective. There is no magical one stop profile solution for perfect colour, and no Colour Card can replace the artistic subjective adjustments possible in Lightroom or Photoshop. The 2 in 1 Grey White Balance Colour Card will help you to create a faster work-flow and more consistent colour, providing a simple and inexpensive path to creating better colour images using a base profile.

For the advanced Lightroom and Photoshop user! The 2 in 1 card is optimized to work with Adobe's Free 'DNG Profile Editor' software. This will auto-correcting the card's colours and create a profile for a faster work-flow.

Adobe DNG converter and Adobe DNG Profile Editor for the MAC and PC can be downloaded for free, they can be found on this page [here].

Video list:
Using the Adobe DNG Profile Editor software
Setting the Profile and Grey White Balance in RAW
Using the Grey White Balance Card for neutral balance

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